Hello my lovelies!

Welcome back to Cappuccinos and Cashmere, your one stop source for fashion and lifestyle posts! As you know by now, Mondays I will be posting a new outfit/fashion post and on Thursdays you be getting a lifestyle post!  Today I’m sharing tips on how to make Mondays your favorite day of the week.

I have been out of college and in the work force for four years now.  A big adjustment for me was becoming a morning person.  Trust me, I still don’t consider myself to be a true morning person as there are many mornings that I press snooze repeatedly.  However, over the years I have learned some tips and tricks through trial and error that make Mondays more tolerable.

  1. Pick out all of your outfits for the week on Sunday night – Trust me.  This is a lifesaver.  I have had many Monday mornings where I would wake up and panic because choosing my outfit would make me late.  Now I plan all of my outfits on Sunday and hang them up in chronological order in my closet.  Then, each day, I simply grab my outfit and getting ready is simple.

  2. Pack your breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack the night before.  This tip, like clothing, is also huge.  I used to waste at least 15 minutes trying to think of what I would want to eat and then making my lunch.  Now I will typically just pack leftovers from dinner for my next day’s lunch.  The time that I have saved by doing this has been significant.

  3. Assuming you work the “traditional” work week (Monday – Friday), I suggest going to bed on time even on the weekends.  Any time that I stay up late on Friday or Saturday night, I feel horrible and end up sleeping in super late on Sunday.  Now, I try to go to bed at the same time each night (regardless if I am working the next day or not).  This way I am not tricking my body or cheating it of a good nights sleep.

  4. If you are a regular reader, you know that I am all about pampering myself.  Sundays if I don’t have time for a bath, I will take a longer shower to relax and unwind.  I will do all of my beauty routines and sit down to have a cup of tea and watch a movie with Danilo.  That is something that mentally relaxes me and allows me to unwind before the next week.

  5. Have a positive outlook on your upcoming week.  I have woken up many Mondays dreading my work week and being so paranoid.  Recently I have tried to adopt the mentality that it is just one week.  It is just 5 – 24 hour days. Five quick marathons and then I am done and I have the weekend to decompress.  Each week should be a fresh start, a new opportunity for personal growth and development.

I hope that this list of tips and tricks was helpful.   Are you a morning person? Do you like Mondays?  Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Aleksandra Culafic