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We all have those mornings when we wake up craving a donut. You are lying if you just said “I never do.” If you agreed with my statement then you can totally understand that I got ready in about 5 minutes. When donuts are waiting, you don’t keep them waiting.dsc_0106 dsc_0113

My sisters and our family friend Brandon woke up really early and headed to a local diner that it quite famous but I had never been there before. The breakfast place is called Franks Diner and was even featured on Food Network. While we were waiting for the food to come my sister/full-time photographer shot this look.dsc_0108

dsc_0109I decided to down play this preppy look by adding a cap and this RomyGold bag that add a sporty and edgy vibe. Do you ever add a little flare to your outfits like that?  My loafers are from Neiman Marcus and I have them in this nude, aqua, rose and black.  They are the most comfortable loafers that I have ever owned and am so happy I got so many of them!

dsc_0115My jeans are from Gap and I got them a while ago. This over sized turtleneck is from Abercrombie and I love all of the different textures and colors – super cute.dsc_0122

When we left the house I realized that my glasses were in my car so I just borrowed a pair from our friend. They are Raybans and you can find similar ones below.dsc_0130dsc_0133

I love these types of days and would consider this a blogger off duty look. Very thrown together yet stylish – all that a girl needs.

dsc_0146We are getting ready for New Years Eve in the city and we cannot wait.  It will be a magical night. As always, follow me on Snapchat (AleksandraCula), Instagram (Aleksandra.Culafic), and do not forget to subscribe to my blog by entering your email in the subscription box below so you never miss a post (make sure to check your email to confirm subscription)!


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