Hello my lovelies,

Welcome back to Cappuccinos and Cashmere, your one stop source for fashion, lifestyle, and beauty posts! Today we are talking about honesty.

Today’s posts is a very personal one and this is something that I have never done before. As you know, I have not blogged in almost a month and I feel that I owe you an explanation, I owe you honesty.  In 2014 I started following bloggers and vloggers for the very first time.  What set apart bloggers that I LOVE from bloggers that I like was honesty.

Social media has been such a blessing in my life as it helped me stay connected to my husband when we were dating long distance.  Although social media can be a blessing for reasons I mentioned above, it can also be very tragic.

There are people in all walks of life that we look up to, our parents, siblings, significant others, celebrities, etc.  Social media has made us look at influencers and celebrities and say, “wow, I wish my life was that perfect!”  What we fail to understand is that digital influencers share only picture perfect moments of their day to day lives.  This industry is all about selling fashion, beauty, lifestyles and more.  Don’t get me wrong, everything that I post on my social medias is meant to inspire and motivate all of you.  What I cannot ignore though, is everything that happens behind the scenes.

The last portion of December and almost all of January was a really trying period in my personal life.  The holidays are always very nostalgic for me and this was the first Christmas without a few family members as they passed away in March and June of 2016.

There were a few other elements in my personal life that left me out of sorts and steered my focus away from the blog. Even though I was not actively blogging during this time of emotional distress, I was working very hard behind the scenes to make my comeback great.

My goal with this post is to show all of you that nobody has a perfect life.  Just because I show you fun and beautiful photos, does not mean that everything is perfect.  Know that I go through tough times as well and that I consciously choose to show only the positive.  Honesty is very important to me and I owe that to all of you.

For the next few weeks I will be going back to posting once a week on Mondays.  In a few weeks I will be posting Mondays and Thursdays again. I am so thankful for all of you and will not disappoint you!

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