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Welcome back to Cappuccinos and Cashmere, your one stop source for fashion and lifestyle posts! As you know by now, Mondays I will be posting a new outfit/fashion post and on Thursdays you be getting a lifestyle post!  I am finally sharing my eyelash extension experience with you!

This winter my sister started getting eyelash extensions and I must admit, I was not educated in the subject so I had my doubts.  Needless to say, her lashes looked beyond amazing and lasted quiet a long time if I may add.  So, after little debate, I got in touch with Lauren of If Looks Could Kill Milwaukee and booked my appointment.

For a first timer, I did not know what kind of lash extensions I wanted.  I trusted that Lauren would do what is best and I was blown away!

Knowing that most of you are like me and have not had eyelash extensions before, I decided to “interview” Lauren.  I asked Lauren some common questions about eyelash extensions and her responses are below!

Questions and Answers with Lauren:

1.  Q:  How long have you been a last artist for?

A:  I have been lashing for 2 years.

2.  Q:  What type of schooling do you need to become a last artist?

A:  In the state of Wisconsin and Connecticut anyone can apply eyelash extensions without a license. Typically you do need an Aesthetician or Cosmetology license.

3.  Q:  How long will my extensions last?
A:  Eyelash extensions will last without a fill (touch up) for 4-6 weeks. As far as how often you should come in for a fill, every 2-4 weeks. There are three stages of hair growth; anagen, catagen, and telogen. New lashes are constantly growing and old ones are shedding. This is why it is vital to come in for lash fills.
4.  Q:  Will my natural lashes be damaged/fall out while I wear extensions?
A:  Lash extensions are not damaging when done properly. There a several things people can look for when making sure they are receiving top of the line applications. Do the eyelash extensions hurt? Does the lash line look like it’s caked in adhesive? Can you comb through the lashes without any tugging? When I am looking for a lash artist I always look for a portfolio of their work. The pictures should be clear, the lashes should not be crisscrossing, and the lash line should not be caked in adhesive.
5.  Q:  Can I apply eye makeup (eyeshadow, mascara) while I have extensions?  Tell me about the makeup removal process and the facial cleansing process while I have lashes?
A:  When wearing eyelash extensions you want to avoid using oily products near the lash line. This includes, mascara (mascara can be worn on the bottom lashes), oil based eyeliners, an eye serum that would be placed on the eyelid, and cream based eye shadows. For cleansing the lashes the client should use an oil free makeup remover. Baby shampoo is good for cleansing, however I would not recommend it for removing ALL debris and makeup.
6.  Q:  I have heard that there is a negative stigma associated with lashes, why is that?
A:  Oh the big question! Applying eyelash extensions is one of the toughest beauty services to master. Our eyelashes are such delicate, little hairs. If you do not know what you are truly doing it is easy to damage them. The training that one should look into would not be with just any company or any lash artist. Nor should the education ever stop. I take at least two continuing education courses a year, read blogs, and join lash forums. Plus, I am constantly practicing my skill. A client should NOT see a lash artist that does lashes every once in a while; look for someone who has thrown themselves into lashing. With all that said, I feel the lash industry has a bad stigma because it is a fairly new beauty treatment. You do not master lash applications in a few weeks, it takes months and months of practicing.
7.  Q:  Are there any side effects to getting last extensions?  Should I be concerned about anything
A:  Irritations and sensitivities are possible with any beauty procedure: Hair color, maincure/pedicure, facials, waxing, etc. Fortunately, eyelash extensions have a very very low reaction rate. When eyelash extensions are done right they do not touch the skin. If a technician is applying glue to the skin they client may experience burning, red, or even itchy eyes.
One important rule that I have in my salon is to keep things quiet. When some clients talk during an application they tend to twitch and slightly open their eyes; allowing adhesive fumes to become irritating. The eyes may start to water, will become dry, sting or turn red.
8.  Q:  What is your favorite part about being a lash artist?
A:  My most favorite thing about being a lash artist, is being able to express my art form. I came from a very artistic family and learned quickly that freedom of expression was okay. From my instagram page, to styling someones lashes around their eye shape; art is in my life every day.
9.  Q:  What are some challenges facing lash artists?
A:  One VERY important challenge that lash artists are facing right now is protecting themselves from the adhesive fumes. Coming in for  lash extensions 2-4 times a month is not going to affect anyone. Being around the fumes 20+ hours a week may. It is important for us to take care of our health, wear a mask, have a well ventilated room, and take breaks.
10.  Q:  Can you describe the process of getting lash extensions?
A:  I answered this question lovelies, essentially all I did was get comfortable on the bed.  I relaxed and even almost fell asleep because it was so soothing!
11.  Q:  How should a client prep for a lash appointment?
A:  Clients should arrive with little to no eye makeup on, we want as little oils away from the lash line as possible. Try not to consume too much caffeine so your eyes can relax. And be ready to fall asleep, lash naps are the new beauty
Here are my photos of my lashes!  I will be visiting Lauren in a few weeks and will add more photos of my lashes at that point in time!
Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Extensions
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