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Welcome back to Cappuccinos and Cashmere, your one stop source for fashion and lifestyle posts!  Have you ever felt like a piece of clothing, a new hairstyle or even makeup can change your mood?  Has a beauty product been able to whisk you off your feet?  If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, this post was written for you.

For a long time I have read the most outstanding reviews for Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup.  Bloggers like Brooke of NoteBrooke, Negin Mirsalehi, Olivia Culpo and countless other bloggers have raved about her Pillow Talk lipstick while beauty magazine have called her the makeup Godsend.  Yet for months, I have sat back and waited around for no particular reason.

About a month ago, I decided to “dip my feet” in the waters of Charlotte Tillbury makeup.  Naturally, my first purchase was her Pillow Talk lipstick, the lipstick that started an empire.  I patiently waited for the package to arrive about a week after the purchase date.  What arrived was a dream.  In addition to the lip products, I received two complimentary samples of my choice.  As a novice to the brand I decide to pick the Magic Night Cream and Magic Eye Rescue as samples for Danilo and I to try.

The lipstick was like a little jewel and I didn’t want to use it on any ordinary day, so I saved it.  A few weeks ago, my sister and I spent a day in the city and I debuted the lipstick then.  Upon application the lip pencil glided onto my lips and left them feeling quiet smooth.  I applied the lipstick over the lip pencil and was pleasantly surprised.  After trying countless amounts of matte lipsticks, I was always left disappointed as the formulas were extremely drying and lackluster.

Charlotte Tilbury blew me away.  The creamy consistency of the lipstick paired with the perfect mauve color was a match made in heaven.  Typically when you read “matte” on a lipstick, you’re expecting something that will leave your lips dry, this is not the case.

Although the lipstick and lip pencil were a bit pricey, I think that they are worth the investment.  I have tried matte lipsticks on the low end of the spectrum (Nyx) and they just didn’t make the cut.

What I am trying to say is this was a purchase I could not keep to myself.  Time and time again I have stated that I will not promote nor brag about products I don’t believe in.  I have shot down countless opportunities for collaborations because they weren’t brands that fit my aesthetic.  I also give each and every product the “college try” before discussing them on the blog or any social media platform.  This way, I ensure that I am giving you a confident review of each product.

Next, I would really like to try Charolette Tilbury’s highlighter and eyeshadow pallets amongst her skincare line.  I am truly in love with the brand so far and cannot wait to further explore!

Have you tried Charlotte Tilbury products?  If so, which ones?  Do you have any beauty products that I should try? If so, what are they? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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