Hello my lovelies! Welcome back to Cappuccinos and Cashmere, your one stop source for fashion and lifestyle posts! As you know by now, Mondays I will be posting a new outfit/fashion post and on Thursdays you be getting a lifestyle post! Today I wanted to open up about being in adult friendships. Just incase you did not know, there is a difference between adult and “child” relationships.

As a kid and young adult, you make many friends through school, sports, music, etc. You grow and move through life and retain some of those friends. College brings more friends and new experiences. As we mature, our interests change and we sometimes realize that our “old/long-term” friends no longer share the same interests. That is OK!

As a young adult, I valued my friendships (quality) but like many young women, I liked quantity too!  There were people that I counted on that let me down, betrayed me, and made me question my intentions.

Enough about unsuccessful friendships and less than valuable friends. I am not here to talk about how I was burned, why, when, or any of that because I don’t want to give those individuals a space on my blog. Here we build each other up, here we support and appreciate each other.

After being in these hurtful friendships where my motto was “fool me 100 times, I will still be here because I am oblivious,” I had to get smart. I realized my self-worth. I looked into my emotional mirror and woke up. Many of those friendships were one way streets and I did not see the flashing red lights.

One thing we all have in common as adults is responsibilities. I am married, I have a full-time job, and I am a full-time blogger. All of these things are a part of who I am as an adult and trust me, there are days when I don’t want to do anything or talk to anyone because I am exhausted – this is NORMAL.

However, my “true” girlfriends understand. Friendships are about love and support. You can tell that someone is a true friend when they love talking to you, spending time with you, and supporting your goals.

I really want you to know, no matter what your age is, it is ok to have a “failed” friendship. It is ok to “breakup” with your best friend of 10 years. It is fine to outgrow your college roommate. You pick yourself up and appreciate the moments that you shared with that person. You should also take a moment to remind yourself that life takes all of us in different paths in life and some friends slip off along the way. Life is a marathon, not a sprint, appreciate quality over quantity, you will thank yourself in the end.

Danilo and I have talked about this topic from time to time and I do think, based on our conversation, that men look at relationships differently than women (generally speaking).  That could possibly be because of the fact that women, in general, are more emotional than women and thus could have different perception of friendships.

As a send off for today’s blog post, just remember to follow your heart; it will rarely lead you astray.  You should take time to assess your friendships and make sure that they are adding value to your life.  The last thing you want to do is be in a friendship that you don’t love being in.

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Aleksandra Culafic