Hello my lovelies!

Welcome back to Cappuccinos and Cashmere!  Today’s outfit is inspired by a school uniform.  When I was in middle school I was required to wear a uniform everyday, it was the worst back then but now I admire it.  I love what the uniforms were trying to accomplish, they wanted to make you feel as though you were always the best version of yourself.  There is something about the classic button down shirt under a sweater, or a dress.  You will always look fresh and ready for anything!


My dress is from Zara and it’s under $30!!!!  I have worn it so many times and absolutely love how it effortlessly makes me feel professional and put together.  It is a uniform at it’s best.


My go to designer for boots (as many of you know) is Stuart Weitzman, he is everything.  I wore them to further embrace the “uniform” look.  The boots are beyond comfortable and so chic as they are made with the utmost quality suede. Danilo bought them for me this past Christmas and I have been trying to style them as much as possible.

Louis Vuitton

My Louis Vuitton Twist bag is my absolute favorite bag in my collection and I plan on getting it in another color very soon!

Zara Dress

As you can tell, the wind was quiet strong on this day so I just went with a high bun, another flashback to my uniform days!  During my middle school days you could always find me with my hair tied up, it was my signature look.

Zara Dress

If you ask me what is my favorite style, I would always go for a classic look like this.  When I put on clothes like this, my mood is instantly enhanced and I am ready for whatever the day may bring my way.  Don’t get me wrong, I also buy the latest trends but majority of the time I stick to the classics.  My closet is FILLED with pieces like this dress.


I really hope that you liked this look.   As a reminder starting this Thursday, March 30th, I will be posting twice a week!  Each Monday, I will be posting fashion related posts and Thursday’s I will be sharing lifestyle posts!  This Thursday, I will be giving you all a FULL review of my three day juice cleanse!  SO, from now on, posts will be on the blog EVERY Monday and Thursday!

I love all of you and you motivate me to be a better blogger every single day.  Because of your continuous support, I have done so much work behind the scenes.  I have spent dozens of extra hours studying HTML and coding.  I have gone on photoshoots almost every weekend and now I have gotten to the point where I can post every Monday and Thursday.

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Aleksandra Culafic