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Today I wanted to share with you more of a lifestyle post!  We have had quiet the hot summer here and sometimes the heat discourages me from going anywhere outside of our air conditioned home.  However, on this day, Danilo and I ventured to downtown Chicago to celebrate his birthday a day early!


Danilo and I both admitted that we take downtown Chicago for granted. We live about an hour outside of the city and this past year we have been so busy with work that it has been such a challenge to set aside a day to just walk around the city without a care in the world.  I wanted that to change.  Danilo is not a big celebrator when it comes to his own birthday so I respected that and just planned a low key day filled with shopping and good food.

After eating breakfast and having our coffee at home, we made our way to the city.  It was a beautiful day but they don’t call Chicago the Windy City for no reason so it is always to your best advantage to bring a light jacket/sweater especially if you plan on staying after the sun sets.

For the above mentioned reasons, I decided to bring this light weight Theory cardigan with me just in case I needed an extra layer.  Under the sweater I wore this crop top (similar here), and paired that with my 7fam jeans and Hinge sandals.  Danilo wore his Armani jeans and Polo shirt.


Like I said before, I wanted to have a really low key, easy going kind of day.  We made our way to Nordstrom to do a little shopping (you can see what I ordered online from Nordstrom in this post)! After walking around a bit we got pretty hungry so we went to Gibson’s Steakhouse.  If you like steak, this is the place to go in Chicago.  The service is impeccable and the food is divine.  Danilo had never been to Gibson’s and I knew this was the perfect opportunity to have our first meal there together!


IMG_1938After dinner, we took a stroll down Oak Street and admired the displays in the windows of Tory Burch, Prada, Sandro, and Maje before we started our journey back home.


We had such a nice time and our day really reminded us how much we love coming to the city that we actually went back this past weekend! Sometimes all you need is a day to just get away from your normal routine.  You’d be surprised what and hour drive into the city can do for you.  The day felt like a reset button and after that we were ready to take on the world, together.

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