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Happy Monday! i am so excited to share this post with you as I think there is no better time.  This past weekend, my family and I celebrated Christmas (Serbian Christmas).  As I am sure you can imagine, this consists of a lot of food and sweets.  Now that all of the major holidays are behind us, I think it’s time for a cleanse.  Nothing is better for a cleanse than Skinny Coffee Club.


I started my collaboration with Skinny Coffee Club about a month ago and spent the past month testing the product out.  Essentially Skinny Coffee Club promotes energy and can assist with weight loss, all of which are important this time of the year.

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Each morning this past month, I would wake up and boil water.  Then, in my french press I would add one tablespoon of the Skinny Coffee Club coffee and let this “rest” for 5 minutes.  All you need is one cup of coffee daily.

dsc_0493Immediately I noticed that I had more energy on the first day of drinking the coffee and my appetite changed.  More specifically, I did not have cravings for snacks between my main meals of the day.  This is something that I enjoyed the most.  Also, I really noticed a difference between 2pm and 3pm which is when I would get the most lethargic.dsc_0532

In order to track my results, I tried to drink the coffee at the same time each day.  I also tracked the way my body reacted to the coffee and I was so pleased.  I have tried all of the diet drinks under the sun (teatox, proteins, you name it I tried it).  Thankfully, this was the only product that did not affect me negatively at all.dsc_0513

Now for the best part, if you go to Skinny Coffee Club and use code CappuccinosandCashmere20, you can get 20% off your order!  I am about to start my second package of coffee and cannot wait.

dsc_0574I really hope that you will try Skinny Coffee Club coffee.  If you order it, be sure to use my promo code and let me know when you order it!


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Thank you Skinny Coffee Club for sponsoring this post.