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Happy Monday to all of you, I am writing this super early on Sunday morning while I sip a cappuccino and listen to “relaxing French music.”  Occasionally I shut my eyes and pretend that I am in a glamorous outfit next to the Seine but oh well, some other time!

While Danilo and I were in California, we spent about two days in LA.  On our second day, before we left for the airport, we ventured back to Beverly Hills so that I could take a few photos in front of the iconic Paul Smith store.  I am sure you have seen this wall somewhere on social media, I know I have hundreds of times.

Basically Paul Smith’s store on Melrose has an entire wall covered in pink.  I’d like to think that he was thinking of us bloggers/influencers when he decided to go with that bright of a color for his store.  It is an Instagram dream.

img_4928Needless to say, I was not the only girl trying to get a couple of pictures in front of the wall that morning.  There were about 20 other girls with their photographers in tow but we managed to claim a piece of the wall for about 20 seconds which is all that we really needed to get a few pictures.

Before we left for our vacation we went shopping and on a whim we went to American Eagle (I think the last time that I consistently shopped there was in the 10th grade) where I ended up finding the kimono shown below.  My intention was to wear it in Palm Springs as a cover-up but it ended up being a part of this outfit.  Similar kimonos here, here, here, here, here, here.







I paired the kimono with this skirt from A&F that I found sort of last minute on that same shopping spree, this commando camisole, and my Calvin Klein mules.


After the Pink Wall we went back to Sprinkles for some ice cream and then we kissed Los Angeles goodbye, until next time.

Have you been to the Pink Wall? What do you think of this outfit?  Let me know in the comments section below!


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