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When planning our road trip through California I wanted to see as many cities as possible without making the trip overwhelming.  I also wanted to ensure that we hand plenty of time to relax and recharge our batteries between sight seeing and we were very fortunate that the trip had a combination of both.

As you know, the first leg of our trip was Palm Springs.  You can read about that part of our trip (here, here, and you can find the details of this outfit in last week’s post here).  There are also more Palm Springs posts to come so stay tuned for that in the coming weeks!

Our second leg of the trip was San Diego.  The plan for this part of the trip was to casually explore a few key areas (Boardwalk, Gaslamp District, the San Diego Zoo, Little Italy, etc) and let the wind take us where it will the rest of the way!

On our last morning in Palm Springs we moved at a very slow pace (think snails) and ended up not leaving The Parker until 11am, we got coffee at Koffi, and finally departed Palm Springs at 12pm.  Once we started the engine and got on the road, we decided to go to La Jolla before checking into our hotel in downtown San Diego.

La Jolla is a small community in the city of San Diego and it is one of the most gorgeous places that I have been to in the States.

dsc_6593 dsc_6596 dsc_6597

After a two hour drive, we finally made it!  We parked our car right by The Cove and started walking.  We didn’t even walk five feet and to our surprise we saw about 50 sea lions!  It was so surreal to see families and families of sea lions sunbathing only about 20 feet from us!

dsc_6601 dsc_6610 dsc_6647 dsc_6648

I got so excited about the sea lions and decided that I had to go down to the beach to be closer to them!  My husband, Danilo, decided that he was just fine where he was, up on the stairs, out of the sand and away from the water.  While I was down on the beach I got so so so close to a baby sea lion and took my first steps in the Pacific Ocean (yay!).  It was absolutely freezing and I couldn’t believe that people were swimming!

dsc_6619 dsc_6627dsc_6624 dsc_6622dsc_6630 dsc_6628 dsc_6635


Can you even believe this?!?

dsc_6633 dsc_6638 dsc_6641 dsc_6643

After all of the cuteness at The Cove, we just kept walking, talking, and taking pictures, all while getting very hungry.  We decided to grab a little lunch at George’s, a restaurant that was highly recommended by the locals.  They have a spectacular view and great food.

dsc_6653 dsc_6652

After lunch we got some gelato and continued to stroll down the beautiful streets.  It was a spectacular day and we will gladly return to La Jolla in the future.

dsc_6656 dsc_6645 dsc_6607 dsc_6644

img_4048 img_4065 img_4529How did you like this post?  Have you ever been to La Jolla?  Let me know in the comments section below!

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