Hello my lovelies!

As much as I am not a morning person during the week, there is something about waking up early on the weekend that just excites me.  I love going into town early on a Saturday or Sunday morning for a cappuccino and a pastry before getting my day started.




Last weekend, my sister and I went out for coffee at one of our favorite places. It was a gloomy day but that did not stop me from putting on these lovely Theory white pants and this stunning Joie blouse (old blouse but I really love this one, this one, and this one). I have had this blouse for several years and the longer I have it the more I love it.  The color is a dirty olive and goes well with just about anything, I have worn it with jeans and skirts as well as these stunning white pants.  It is such a versatile piece in my wardrobe and I always look forward to styling it in new ways.  Pieces like these, although pricey, really make all the difference in an outfit and, to me, are worth the extra money because I can trust that they will be a staple in my collection for a lifetime.




I would have to say that the pants are also a great purchase for me as they are so light-weight and easy to wear when I am on the go.


My sunglasses are these amazing Louis Vuitton sunnies that I got last year in Paris.  They are a true gem and looked so nice with the olive and brown tones in my blouse.  Of course, we can never forget about footwear.  I picked up my sandals at Banana Republic at the end of May for under $100 (similar here)!  I brought the whole look together with this Kate Spade bag (similar here).



I never really was a believer in the whole “you only wear white after Memorial Day” thing or that you can only wear certain articles of clothing in the winter and others in the fall, etc.  We are living in a really interesting time in which all rules of fashion that we have known to be tried and true can be thrown out of the window.  If you ask me, it is all about doing what feels right to you and not questioning it.  In most cases you won’t be wrong.  Although my wardrobe has become distinctive over the years, even I have surprised my self and Danilo (my husband) from time to time with some new styles.



What is your go to look on your days off? Are you a risk taker with your style or do you stick to the timeless looks? I tend to think that I have a happy medium of modern and classic looks and I shift between the two dependent on the occasion.  Share your style with me in the comment section below, be sure to subscribe to the blog and my social media accounts!  As always, see you next week!