Hello my lovelies!

If you have been following me on social media, Instagram (Aleksandra.Culafic), SnapChat (AleksandraCula) you know that a few weeks ago I went to Arizona for a quick visit with my family.

As a child, my family and I would go to Arizona several times per year as my grandparents have homes there.  However, when I was a little older, we traded our time in Arizona for time in Montenegro and Serbia.

The purpose of my trip was to spend a brief amount of time with family (I was there and back to Chicago in 27 hours!) Under different circumstances, I would have shot a few looks for the blog but given the brevity of the trip, this was impossible.

However, I wanted to share a few snaps that I took along the way.  The trip was extremely nostalgic for me and brought back so many amazing memories!  I honestly had butterlies in my stomach the entire time!  Does that happen to you?  Certain scents, tastes, sounds trigger moments in life that are unforgettable, I love that.

I hope you enjoy the photos!  Let me know what you think in the comments section below!










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See you on Thursday!