Welcome to Cappuccinos and Cashmere!

Aleksandra Culafic’s love for fashion started at a very young age.  She remembers, in great detail, walking into Neiman Marcus and admiring the display of the gorgeous gowns, breathtaking heels, and stunning beauty products.  It wasn’t Neiman Marcus that lit the fire inside her but rather her mother whose closet resembled that of a movie scene.  The closet was filled with jewels, handbags, and everything required for an amazing day of dress up.  Throughout her adolescence and early adulthood, Aleksandra started to mold a style that was all her own, she was becoming the best version of herself. Starting a blog was a natural step in the direction of being able to connect with people all over the world who had the same devotion to fashion.

Cappuccinos and Cashmere started in July 2016 by Aleksandra Culafic and her husband Danilo. Aleksandra’s desire to share her love for fashion, home decor, travel, and all of the finer things in life pushed them to start a fashion & lifestyle blog. The creation of Cappuccinos and Cashmere came from the simple joy Aleksandra gets from a daily cappuccino and the luxurious feel of a perfect cashmere sweater. The combination is timeless and serene yet sophisticated and elegant, just like this blog!

Aleksandra Culafic has strived to develop the highest quality content through her posts and social media platforms.  Her inner curiosity and constant drive for success has resulted in a rapidly growing community of followers.

At Cappuccinos and Cashmere you will be able to indulge in fashion, lifestyle, home decor, and travel posts.  Through our content, we aim to inspire everyone around the world to love the luxury of life!

Aleksandra Culafic